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Adaptations Of Extreme Cold Houses

1. Steep roofs that allow snow to slide off without damaging the house

2. Poles lifting houses several meters above ground; this ensures that the permafrost does not melt

3. Triple Glazed windows and/or central heating for more technology advanced houses

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Clothing Adaptations for Extreme Cold

1. Gore-tex and other new materials are in wide-spread use nowadays

2. Originally, caribou skin clothes and seal skin boots were used; this is because of their high insulation properties

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Farming Adaptations in the Extreme Cold

1. Due to lack of sunlight for most of the year and very cold conditions, not many plants are grown.

2. As a result of this, people such as Alaskans hvae become adept fishers and animal hunters, as their main source of food.

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Types of Culture in Extreme Cold

1. Yup'ik Totem Poles have attracted people to Alaska for many years

2. Inuit Whaling Ceremonioes are a contraversial topic of conversation, but are still allowed to do so by law

4. Iceland's Rotten shark was a traditional part of their heritage, but is now enjoyed as a commodity to celebrate their heritage

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