Extreme tourism

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  • Challenging environment
  • Tourism only recently started 
  • Physically/mentally challenging
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Who does it:

  • people looking for a challenge
  • 30 years old
  • unmarried
  • DINKYs - Double Income No kids Yet

What is it & where is it happening:

  • Climbing waterfalls & cliff diving in Jamaica
  • Walking the Plank on Mount Hua
  • Ice diving into the White Sea, North Russia

Why do it:

  • Tired of package holidays
  • High disposable income
  • More companies specialising in extreme holidays
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Negative impacts

  • Disturbance of Wildlife - penguins disturbed, which can cause their eggs to be eaten by predators and more energy is used so more food is needed
  • Ships & Oil kill birds as oil disables birds from flying away so they die of hypothermia, and the detergents used to clean up oil spills are dangerous to marine life
  • Waste materials from ships, e.g. Black & Grey water, has to be emptied into the sea
  • litter takes 100s of years to decompose and so is unsightly
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  • INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ANTARCTIC TOUR OPERATIONS (IAATO), have set carrying capacity of ships to 500 passengers
  • SPECIAL SITES OF SCIENTIFIC INTEREST, e.g. penguin breeding grounds
  • PERMITS,have to be obtained and they cover: waste, risk, env. management
  • ANTARTIC ACT 1994, is a UK act which supports the ANTARCTIC TREARTY 1961 and makes env. damage punishable by law
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