External factors affecting visitor numbers to the UK (AQA GCSE Geography - Tourism)

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1. Terrorism

-   Since 9.11 (destruction of World Trade Centre), check in time at airports increased which is discouraging tourism

-   After 9.11, fewer tourists wanted to fly

-   London bombings In July 2005 → tourism fell sharply

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2. UK Recession

-   Banking crisis of autumn 2008

-   The expensive euro means fewer UK tourists will go abroad to EU countries

-   But UK = popular destination for EU countries

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ETC - Weather, Economy, Big Events

3. Weather

-   Bad weather discourage tourists

-   E.g. Wet summer in 2007drop in tourists


4. World Economy

-   Recession = cut back on luxurious like holidays


5. Big events

-   E.g. Liverpool was European Capital of Culture in 2008: 3.5 million ppl visited

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