Expressive skills

Dance gcse revsion of the Expressive skill

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What is Focus ?

Focus is when you use your eyes to enhance a perfromance or interpretive qualitys

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What is Musicality ?

It is the abilty to pick out the unique qualities of the accompaniment and make them evident thourgh the peformance and that the dance works with the music.

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What is communcation of choreogrophic intent ?

It is by letting the dance tell a story and gets accross to the audience

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What is projection?

Projection is when a dancer gives out an appropiate energy and engages the audience and draw them into the perfromanc.

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What is Relationships ?

Relationships with what or whom of the movement.How dancers dance together.

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What is the sense of style?

The style is that charctist feaches of the dance work or chorgraphs work that enable it to be reconised

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