Exposure- Power and conflict


Exposure- Links/themes

power of nature- Ozymandias, the prelude, storm on the island, tissue and kamikaze

effects of conflict- charge of the light brigade, bayonet charge, remains, poppies, war photographer and kamikaze

the reality of conflict- charge of the light brigade, bayonet charge, remains and war photographer

loss and absence- London, poppies, the emigree and kamikaze

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Exposure- Context

Wilfred Owen was a WW1 soldier and wrote poems about the truth of life on the front line. He contradicts the glorified images of war presented by the media. He was hospitalized in May 1917 with shellshock (also known as PTSD) where he was encouraged to write by another poet.

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Exposure- Techniques

Personification is used with nature to make it seem like the real enemy of war is nature. This is shown on line 23 when the snowflakes are maliciously seeking out the men's faces.

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Exposure- Structure

There is a half-line at the end of each stanza and the 8 stanzas have no progression. The regular rhyme scheme reflects the nature of the soldiers experience. The half-rhyme suggests discomfort and confusion. Written in the present tense and is the first-person plural.

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