Explorers or Boys Messing About, Steve Morris



'Last night there was resentment in some quarters'- emotive language though he doesn't specify where the resentment came from. 

"trusty helicopter"- Quotation marks are used to suggest that only the men themselves thought the helicopter was trustworthy. Undermines the credibility of the claim.

'"nothing short of a miracle"'- this use of direct speech helps to emphasise the peril that the men were in, and the mess they made.

' I'm surprised they usedd the R44 '- Expert opinion actually finally offered. Direct speech used. Opinion supports Morris' critical view on Mr. Brook and Mr. Smith.

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'Explorers or boys messing about?'- The men are in their 40s, so using the word 'boys' is derogatory.

'Either way, taxpayers get rescue bill.'- Journalist's opinion is clear through headline. Morris seeks to form an opinion against the men, making them seem like a burden to ordinary people.

'Their last expedition ended in farce'- Farce suggests absurdness or disorganisation. Emotive word makes reader expect to be displeased.

'Experts questioned'- at this stage, no actual evidence given. Morris places these negative opinions at the start to form an opinion in reader's mind.

'Mr. Brooks' Breitling emergency watch'- expensive watch, suggests they are wealthy, reminds readers of the issue of wasting taxpayers money.

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'Both men are experienced adventurers' - Only at this stage in the article does Morris mention the experience of the 2 men, however, he has already formed an opinion for reader by highlighting negatives right from the start. 

'Despite their experiences' - Morris quickly shifts back to negative

'they'll probably have their bottoms kicked and be sent home the long way'- Miss Vesty's quote makes the men seem like naughty school boys (throughout) and this is the final impression Morris leaves us with.

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  • Majority of article is critical of the explorers, and details of their experience is buried close to the end and embedded, where a negative opinion is already formed of the 2 men- followed by another reminder of their failure
  • We don't hear directly from the explorers
  • The wife makes remarks of them being 'boys messing about.'
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  • Morris thinks that provoking taxpayer outrage is a good way to make his story interesting.
  • Morris thinks the explorers were foolhardy and irresponsible and thinks it will be easy to persuade his readers to agree.
  • Morris thinks the well off people should not expect the taxpayer to support their adventerous exploits
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  • Attention grabbing headline- rhetorical question
  • Emotive language to provoke the reader
  • Journalistic technique such as short paragraphs + opinions disguised as facts
  • Use of expert opinions to comment on and support story.
  • Use of structure to form the reader's opinion
  • Use of structure to bury positive statements of the men.
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