Explanations of Attachment



Explanations of Attachment

  • Operant Conditioning
  • Classical Conditioning
  • Social Learning Theory

Operant Conditioning
Can be described as 'rewarding behaviour to make it continue'

Classical Conditioning
Can be described as stimulus/response learning. (Mother/ Infant)

  • Dollard & Miller (1950) - the need for food is the basic idea for it, the want for food increases good behaviour (reward)

Unconditioned Stimulus - Unconditioned Response
FOOD                               PLEASURE
Unconditioned Stimulus and Neutral Stimulus - Unconditioned Response
FOOD + MOTHER                                             PLEASURE
Conditioned Stimulus - Conditioned Response
MOTHER                      PLEASURE

Social Learning Theory 

  • Role Modelling - Children copy affectionate behaviour demonstrated by parents
  • Direct Instruction - Parents teach children affection
  • Social Facilitation - Parents watch current behaviour and encourage or discourage
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