Explain why Edward VI dissolved the Chantries

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Explain why Edward VI dissolved the Chantries

Chantries : religious houses/chapels where prayers for the dead were sung/chanted.

RELIGIOUS - Fundamental reason

  • Protestants do not believe in Purgatory (where you are puished for your sins before you go to heaven or hell)
  • Prayers were sung in to Chantries in order to speed the dead on through Purgatory - Protestants didn't believe in Purgatory, thus no need for Chantries.
  • Both Edward and Somerset (Regent at the time) were Protestant by conviction where as the Henrician Church during Henry VIII's reign, was essentially Catholicism without a Pope.
  • The dissolution was part of the Edwardian doctrinal changes to the church (Chantries Act of 1547 - 2374 Chantries closed down)


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Explain why Edward VI dissolved the Chantries


  • Worth 20% of the land of the dissolution.
  • Somerset needed funds to finance the ongoing Scottish garrett/ French war.
  • Couldn't raise taxes due to high inflation and price rises at the time - Kett's rebellion.
  • Cost of cannon increasing.
  • Create Edward VI grammar schools - protestant schools (religious reason)

CONCLUSION: part of the Edwardian doctrinal reformation in England and Wales - Economic gain only a benefit for Somerset.


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