Explain how the cosmological argument supports the idea of a necessary being

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Explain how the cosmological argument supports the


A necessary being is one that which the opposite cannot be true or will not happen. A contingent being is something that one can do without and is dependant on something else. It is impossible to go on to inifinity in necessary things which have their necessity caused by another. The existence of human beings is due to the necessitious nature of a first cause, one that is the cause of itsled. Defining God as some being having of itself itw own necessity, and not receiving it from another.


We know that there are at least some beings in the world which do not contain in themselves the reason for their existence. I depend on my parents, and now on the air, and on food and so on. Therefore I should say, since object experience existence.

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Russells Challenge to the Cosmological Argument

  • To say that God has necessary existence because God must exist to be God is a false premise-it is just as easy to say that God does not exist
  • It is not possible to find an explanation for the universe because the universe is without an explanation.
  • Just because we know that things within in the universe have a cause, we should not conclude that the whole universe has a cause
  • Scientists look for causes, but that does not mean that causes of things exist-scientists do not assume that everything has a cause. The universe might exist and not have a cause or a reason for its existence.
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