Explain with examples, two functions of pressure groups 5 marks (I got 5/5)


Political Participation

A function of PGs is political participation:

  • This is where the public can participate in politics through finding out information from a PG about their cause.
  • For example, doctors can participate in politics by joinging the BMA, to find out info about its cause: protecting wages and rights of doctors and medical students, and health issues,
  • This way, doctors can protest and/or sign a petition about changing the contracts of junior doctors.
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Policy formulation

Another function of PGs is policy formulation:

  • This is where PGs can participate in the policy making process.
  • For example, insider groups, such as the BMA, work closely with the govt to create new laws concerning health and NHS workers,
  • PGS advice the govt to educate them on what the people actually wants to happen, where representative democracy is in function.
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