Experimental methods

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Laboratory Experiments (positives and negatives)

Laboratory Experiments: 

Research is carried out in a controlled enviroment e.g. classroom 


(+) It is more reliable due to the controlled conditions 

(+) Resources are more available to access 

(+) It is available to replicate, this enables anyone to check reliability and truth 


(-) Little ecological validility so it has little practical application in everyday life, as it takes people out of their usual setting 

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Field Experiments (Positives and negatives

Field Experiments

Research is carried out in an everyday setting. 


(+) It will have good ecological validity due to experimented in an everyday life setting 

(+) It will have a good and useful practical application


(-) Participants may be forced into the experiment

(-) May be extranous variables you can't control 

(-) difficult to repeat, to check for truth or accuracy 

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