• Is an enzyme
  • breaksdown fats into fatty acids and glycerol
  • fatty acids- more= more acidic
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advantages and disadvantes of immobalised enzymes

  • advantage
  • able to be washed and reused
  • product not mixed with enzymes
  • more stable


  • more time
  • less active
  • contamination is costly
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entrapment enzymes

enzymes trapped in eutral state


  • active site is less effected by temperature or pH change, therefore less likely to change shape- more reactions


  • active site less easily available- rate of reaction slower as it takes longer for substarte to reach the active site
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enaymes- temperature

if temperature gets tooo high, there is more kinetic energy, so the enzymes vibrate more causing hydrogen bonds to break, causing distruption to the tertiary structure, thwerefore denaturing the enzyme (active site changes the shape)

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why do we use a control in the experiment

control- is to check that it is the enzyme responsible for the reaction

to test this

- you test without the enzyme

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why do we do them

  • to make them more reliable
  • identify any annomalies
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why are small intervals better?

  • easier to confirm the trend of the reaction easier to wokr out the true value
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use 1cm3 syringe for water- accurate when measuring

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