Examples of applying situation ethics

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applying situation ethics

  • with regard to the topic of sexua ethics in general, fletcher states 'Jesus said nothing about birth control, large or small families, childlessness, homosexuality..wheher any form of sex is good or evil depends on whether love is fully served' fletcher felt that it was immoral to have sexual relationships outside marriage or same sex relationships unless the people involved hurt themselves their partners or others
  • Followers of sitation ethics will deal with each situation as it arises. If we were to ask them 'is abortion moral?' they would respond 'it all depends' because a concrete sitation is needed. 'the situationist will say 'it all depends'. If the money is used to buy a new dress the situation is different from if the mney is to be used to top the womans family from dyin of starvation
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Situation ethics positives and negatives


  • Situation ethics is a flexible theory which allows people to deal with situations as they arise, rather than always having to follow rules which may not be appropriate to the situation they find themselves in. Situation ethics gives an individual the autonomy to make their own decision based on the most loving course of action for them. it is a simplistic theory uncomplicated by concepts such as primary and secondary precepts or the doctrine of double effect.
  • Many christians claim situation ethics is a sound theory because it is based on love- not self love, but love of ohers. At all times, those who follow the theory are expecte to put themselves last and others first because true agape 'seeks the wellbeing of others'


  • Opponets of sitation ethics argue that the ther is too individualistic. This becomes more significant when one considers the different ways in which people love. For example depending on what indivudals consider love to mean the theory has the potential to justify murder and adultery.
  • situation ethics 'can lead to crossing boundary lines that are dangerous to cross' for example, if euthanisia is morally acceptable in some cirumstances,ten because of the slippery slope effect,there might be a gradual decline in moral standards.
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