Evidence of Protestantism and Catholicism after 1529

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Evidence of Protestantism after 1529

  • 1535: Opposition to the Break with Rome is quashed -
    •  ie, executions of Thomas More and John Fisher
  • 1536: Act of 10 Articles
    • Rejects all but 3 sacraments: baptism, penance and the Eucharist
  • 1538: Bible translated into English
    • A key thing Protestants wanted
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Evidence of Catholicism after 1529

  • 1536: Changing of wives
    • Anne Boleyn (PROTESTANT) beheaded
    • Jane Seymour (CATHOLIC) made Queen
  • 1537: The Bishop's Book
    • Finds 4 "lost" sacraments and promotes them, though they are of a lesser value
  • 1538: The trial and execution of John Lambert
    • This promotes mass as he was a significant opposer of mass
  • 1539: The Act of Six Articles
    • Confirms Henry is Catholic
    • Confirms transubstantiation
    • Banned clerical marriage
    • Upholds the vows of chastity (a blow for Archbishop Cranmer who had a wife!)
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