Evaluation of the biological approach



Biological approach takes determinist view... we know what predetermines our behaviour & we're more likely to be able to treat people with abnormal behaviour

For example... understand functioning of neurotransmitters psychologists can predict effects of neurotransmitters on normal & abnormal behaviour

Strength because... behaviours can be understood as we know what predetermines them


Biological approach is scientific... as biological explanations have clear variables that can be measured, tracked & examined

For example... psychosurgery involves functionally removing parts of brain -- procedures based on earlier research that linked areas of brain to certain behaviours

Strength because... biological assumptions can be explained using scientific methods & treatments for mental disorders can be treated

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Biological approach takes nomothetic view... looks to make generalisations about people & find similarities

For example... when stressed, some people produce higher levels of adrenaline than others, can affect long term effects of stress

Weakness because... tends to ignore differences between individuals & therefore differences in adrenaline leves can't be generalised to everyone


Biological approach takes nature stance... focuses on just biology

For example... biological approach to explaining schizophrenia concerned with abnormal levels of certain neurotransmitters rather than with how patients feel about illness

Weakness because... tends to ignore life experiences & psycholocial factors, won't fully explain why people have schizophrenia

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