Evaluation of SLT

Positive and Negatives

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Evaluate the Social Learning Theory


- proves the power of the media as shown by Williams (1981)

- if aggression was biologically determined then it would be expected that everyone would have the same levels of aggression, however, SLT explains how aggression can vary with each person and situation

- could be said to be more powerful than biology as some communities are non-aggressive eg Amish communities in USA

- has face validity (explains why children may imitiate others)


- imposed etic ie Western researches and ideals and so suggests that aggression is learnt in the same way universally

- deterministic as SLT implies that aggression is learnt and imitated with no conscious thought

- reuductionist as biological factors such as genetics are ignored

- doesn't account for emotional factors in aggressive behaviour

- Dollard (1939) suggested aggressive behaviour occurs because of built up frustration and cue arousal

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