Evaluation of Multi-store memory model.

Strengths and weakness of Multi store model

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Strengths of Multi store model

Support evidence

Clive wearing - suffered from a infection that destoryed part of his brain 'Hippocampus'. As a result he cant make new entries into his LTM. Whatever happens he forgets within 20 to 30 seconds. He is suspended in STM.

Supports by-

  • Showing STM is seperate from LTM
  • Short term memory capacity is only 20-30 seconds long.

Further evidence: Serial position curve- words at the beginning and end of a list are remembered but words in the middle arent.

  • Words at the beginning are quickly rehersed and go into long term memory.
  • Words at the end are the most recent words to enter the STM therefore the freshest.
  • Words in the middle are replaced by the last words.
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Weaknesses of Multi store model

Opposing evidence.

Studies by Tulving- Involving brain scanning. Found when patients were asked to think of personal events a different part of the brain was active than when they ere asked to remember general knowledge and facts.

Opposes by-

  • Giving evidence that there is not one place to store long term memory disproving the multi store model.

Further evidence against: case study of K.F who feel off his motorbike and suffered brain damage. His STM for things he heard was okay but his STM for visual information was poor.

  • Suggests there is more than one short term memory store.

Extra evidence: Multi store model says rehearsal is the only way to transfer info over to LTM. However we gain new info constantly without conciously rehearsing. Etc. Watching films. You dont rehearse but you can remember it.

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