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+ has good empirical evidence from experiments, post mortem, PET CAT scans

+ reliable evidence that the degree of risk increases with the relatedness.

+ evidence for the dopamine hypothesis is strong in the sense that it is higly valid as it shows the brain activity of schizophrenics during tasks.

+ prospective studies which shed a light on the direction of the causality.

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- no research for relevant ans specific genes that influence the onset of schizophrenia.

- reductionist because thery reduce a complex behave like schizophrenia down to something reletively small.

- cannot establish cause and effect

deterministic because it says that sufferers have no control over the onset.

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+ considers past experiences in the onset of schizophrenia

+ allowa the treatments to treat underlying problems in schizophrenics

+ useful in explaining the roles of surroundings in terms of families.

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- mostly based on assumptions and has no empirical evidence

- retrospective data tends to be used

- parents are being blamed

- poeple with schizophrenia don't necessarily behave like children

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