Evaluation of Retrieval Failure



Both Goden&Baddeley and Carter&Cassaday's reseach support the theory of retrieval failure.

  • This strength increases the validity of the explnation, especially because results occur the same in the real-life application and lab control.
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Criticism 1

Baddeley argues

  • context effects are not that strong in  real life.
  • the contexts have to be completely different- to be effective. (land and water, reseacrch by Baddeley)

Using two different rooms for learning and recall is not enough

Limitation- real life applications do not explain much forgetting.

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Criticism 2

ESP is not testable- creates circular reasning.

We assume that cues are encoded at the same time as retrieval, yet there is no one way to establish if the cue was encoded or not.

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