Evaluation of Drug Treatment


Evaluation of Drug Treatment

  • + Supported by research conducted by Blattler et al. who found that those given prescribed heroin/methadone reduced their general use of cocane and showed behavoural changes associated with abstinance. This study shows that drug maintinance treatment can be used to reduce drug use.
  • + It helps in a social sence by reducing crime. This is because the indevidual has access to the drug and therefore does not need to commit crimes to fund their addiction
  • + It provides a safer context for the indevidual because it is taken the orally and so do not need to use needles which reduces the risk of hepititis/HIV
  • - Using methadone may be problematic as it is a synthetic opiate that can produce physical dependancy and has withdrawal symptoms itself.
  • - Many patiants need tratment for 2 years, and 85% stay on for 12 months. This is therefore costly to the NHS.
  • - Addicts may sell the drugs on the black markets which defeats the object of the programme an increase social and financial costs.
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