Evaluate Social learning theory

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Evaluate Social learning theory

study provides evidence is Bandura ross and ross 

he found 3 stages hethought determind whether or not you would copy a behaviour 

1. vicarious consequences- if model is punished for behaviour they aare less likely to copy or if rewarded for behaviour the crime becomes victimless to the observer. 

2. external motivation- once behaviour been copied then the rules of operant conditioning apply 

3. self-reinforcement- behaviour is more likely to be copied if it satifies some internal needs 


alot of evidence supporting theory incluuding coping from aggressive role models 

theory has practical application as principles can be used for rehabillitation of offenders 


don't look into individual differences only how individual is affected by social no biological factors considered 

don't provdie explanation of opprtintist crime which has not been observed and learnt first 

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