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Human Nature- dreams

Lust for Paris and foreign land

It is human nature to desire what we cannot have. It is also human nature to wish to escape or leave something we find boring or tedious. For Eustacia, this vice of hers is the Heath. To combat this human nature, she longs to escape to Paris, a foreign land, and attempts to do this in multiple ways.

‘But do I desire unreasonably much in wanting what is called life-music, poetry, passion, war, and all the beating and pulsing that are going on in the great arteries of the world?’

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The bonfires Eustacia creates foreshadow her death

Bonfires are used as an attempt to lighten the heath physically, but this is also metaphorically for Eustacia. The bonfires she and Clym lights can be seen as ‘eyes’ between the two, used as signals

Bonfires connote death, rampage and destruction

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The Heath

The Heath

In general, the heath is a large barren landscape with very little signs of life. The vast heath and its isolation is a cause of Eustacia’s mentality, and causes her to feel even more isolated than she did being a newcomer.

‘Egdon was her Hades, and since coming there she had imbibed much of what was dark in its tone’

This isolation and separation Eustacia feels results in other occupants of the heath perceiving her as a witch- this causes further isolation and upset for her

‘The external sights and sounds may influence the inner life, as when the flatness of Egdon Heath magnifies Eustacia’s frustrations’ – M. Irwin

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‘leapt into the black pool of the millrace’- Die by drowning

Eustacia dies as a result of the heath, at the heath. Therefore, it can be seen that she ‘returns to nature’ at the time of her death, although it is somewhat ironic as she has always despised the heath.

Therefore, this poses a question: Has she returned to nature after realizing her fantasies cannot be lived? Or has she always been in tune and at one with nature?

'From her first appearance in the novel it is clear that Eustacia must destroy herself or be destroyed by forces to which she will not submit.'-Eggenschwiler

'She has tried in her way to escape her fate, but at the last she comes to the realization that escape is not to be.'- Zellefrow

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