European Union and United Nations

Citizenship Revision - EU and  UN

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European Union

 The EU is a political and economic partneship between 27 countries.

However members ( i.e. countries) can only join if they show consistent democracy, human tights and a civil service to enforce european laws 

Formed in the 50s for economic reasons 

Within EU there are bodies

  • European Parliament ( represent people in Europe)- elected every 5 years 
  • The Council of the Europen Union ( represent National Governments)- can make decisions 
  • European Commision ( representing common EU interest) 
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Main Aims 

  • Fighting climate change 
  • A 'greener' Europe
  • Increase opportunities for members 


- you can travel scross most EU countries without a passport or border checks

-  You can shop in EU without added taxes

- Citizens can live, work and study in another country ( i.e. Erasmus scheme) 

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United Nations

An International organisation    found in 1945 after WW2 

Has 192   members 

 Main Aims 

- Maintain and promote social progress 

- Peacekeeping ( think apartheid in South Africa and Libya in mrch 2011)

- Providing Humanatarian Aid 

- Promote democracy and bring harmony amongst conflicting countries 

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