EU strategy for future

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EU strategy for future

In 2007, the European Union agreed a long-term strategy on energy policy. This was an attempt to lead the world in the fight against the global warming.

The deal sets the following binding targets:

- at least 20% of energy used in the EU will come from renewable sources by 2020;

- at least 10% of the fuels used in transport will be biofuels by 2020;

- EU greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 20% below 1990 levels by 2020.

It was also agreed that the EU would further reduce greenhouse gases emissions to 30%, if nations including the US. Russia, China and India followed bthis bold lead by the EU. 

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Cleaner cars

Cars produced in Europe are set to become cleaner after 2012. The EU has agreed new stringent carbon dioxide emission standards.

From 2012, new cars must emit no more than 130 g of carbon dioxide for every kilometre travelled. This is a substanial reduction, as average EU car emissions were 162 per kilometre in 2005. 

But will it lead to overall decrease in greenhouse gases emission? It's not unlikely, but still we need to bear in mind that more and more people are buying cars. 

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