Ethnicity & Educational Achievement

Material & Cultural Factors Affecting Underachievement

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Material & Cultural Factors

African-Caribbean males are near the bottom of each class group in terms of attainment.

  •  Working class African-Caribbean females, although they suffer from initial disadvantages in school, tend to do significantly better than working-class White pupils by the time they take their GCSEs.
  • Fuller suggests that they may appear ‘cool’ in order to present a positive self-image to boys and teachers, but that they recognise the importance of getting good qualifications.

Children of Indian, Chinese and African-Asian origin do very well within the education system.

  • There is a strong emphasis on self-improvement through education in these cultures.
  • Many of the children come from professional backgrounds, providing support, appropriate role models and material advantages.
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Material & Cultural Factors

According to a recent report commissioned for the DfES , Black pupils:

  • Are significantly more likely to be permanently excluded and routinely punished more harshly.
  • Outperformed white pupils in school entry tests (but when these were changed to teacher observations, the pattern was reversed).
  • Are much less likely than the average to be identified as gifted and talented.
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