Ethnicity and Crime #6

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Sources of Crime

- Official statistics, which display likelihood of being involved in criminal justice system

for instances blacks are 7x more likely to be stopped than whites

- Victim surveys, which asks individuals what crimes they've been victims

blacks are more likely to be identified as offenders

- Self report studies, which ask individuals to disclose the crimes they've committed

this however identified blacks and whites as having similar offending rates

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Racism within the Justice System

Bowling found minorities are likelier to believe they are over-police and under-protected

Excessive violence, police violence and ineffective response to racist attacks 

Due to the Terrorism Act 2000 for instance, Asians are 3x likelier to be stopped and searched, blacks are 7x

THIS IS A RESULT OF - police simply responding to ethnic group correlation between crimes, institutional racism e.g. MacPherson report, or demographics where ethnic minorities merely are in larger numbers e.g. Brixton

Blacks and Asians are less likely to recieve a caution once arrected

YET the Crown Proescution Service are lieklier to drop cases against minorities

Jail sentences too are given to larger amounts of black offenders, also when awaiting trials those of ethnic minorities were less likely to be granted bail

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Left Realist stance

Lea and Young believe crime to be a product of relative depravation, subculture and marginilisation (a result of racism)

Mnay ethnic minorities are working class, achieving the goals of todays consumerist world is harder due to discrimination so they resort to crime

HOWEVER Lea and Young believe police do not account for the ethnic differences in the statistics for instance blacks still have a higher conviction rather than say Asians

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Neo Marxism stance

Gilroy argues black criminality is a myth, a product of stereotypes... Yet the criminal justice system acts on these stereotypes 

Gilroy argues ethnic minority crime is a form of political resistance, the rebellious nature coming from roots against British imperialism whom many immigrants originate from

Lea and Young counter Gilroy noting the first generation immigrants were very law abiding

Hall et al -

- the 1970s saw capatalism in a crisis due to high unemployment and inflation

- media thus created a moral panic on mugging commited by 'black youths'

- this turns attention away from the unemployment factor in these muggings 

- the working class are therefore divided on racial grounds and capatalism wins again

- nonetheless he notes some blacks youths did commit petty crimes due to unemployment

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