Ethics Key Words

AQA key terms for Roman Catholic Ethics

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10 Commandments

Conscience: a person's sense of right and wrong.For many Christians, this is linked to God.

Dignity: the value of a human person

Sin: behaviour which is against God's laws and wishes/against the principles of morality. A t        thought or action which is wrong, and we freely choose knowing it is wrong. 

Commandment: a rule for living given by God; or one of the 10 commandments

Adultery: sex outside marriage where one or both of the couple are already married to                        others

Bear false witness: to lie

Covet: wish, long or crave for something, especially another person's property.

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Beatitude: meaning 'blessed' or 'happy'. The beatitudes is the first portion of the Sermon on                  the Mount. In it, Jesus describes the qualities of the inhabitants of the Kingdom                    of God and indicates how each of them will be blessed. 

Sermon on the Mount: a collection of Jesus' religious and moral teachings recorded in                                           Matthew's Gospel.

Kingdom of God: wherever God is honoured as king and his authority is accepted. Jesus                               taught about the KofG being both on earth and in heaven. The rule of                                   God. 

Righteousness: following moral principles

Mercy: to be kind and forgiving

Peace: an absence of war and conflict

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Marriage and Relationships

Wedding: the marriage service

Fornication: sex outside the marriage

Vows: promises made between the couple and God

Sacrament: visable and invisable grace, a sacred rite by which you can come to know God

Adultery: two people consenting to sex with someone who isn't their marriage partner.

Divorce: legal termination of marriage

Remarriage: following divorce where a couple can marry new people

Annulment: a cancellation of marriage - never existed 

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