Ethics 2 Glossary

Key definitions needed in your Religious Studies : Ethics 2 / Christianity 

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Capital Punishment

The death penalty as punishment for a crime. 

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Treating different people or groups of people differently (unfairly) 

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A principle within Christianity that aims to create a unity amongst the different Christian traditions 

e.g Roman catholics, Anglicans, Methodists etc 

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Idea that everybody should be treated equally and that they are just as important as everyone. 

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Speading the Christian message with the aim of converting people to the faith. 

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Stopping being angry with someone for something they have done wrong. 

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Human Dignity

Idea that all human life is valuable and that everyone has the right to be treated with respect. 

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Idea that each person should get what they deserve; also of fairness and upholding what is right. 

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Just War

War fought in a just cause, as a last resort, with a good chance of success, and with proportionality. 

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The belief that war and physical violence is wrong under any circumstances. 

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Judging someone or something with no good reason or without full knowledge of the situation. 

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The harm caused by war has to be less then the harm caused trying to prevent war. 

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Penalty imposed on someone for a commiting a crime/offence. 

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DIscrimination against people of other races. 

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Returning to harmony and friendship after conflict. 

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Idea that punishment is a way of revenge or making someone "pay" for an injury they have caused. 

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Treatment given to criminals that aims to change them so that they will not reoffend and to prepare them to return back to normal life. 

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Treating someone unfairly based on their gender 

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Social Injustice

Unequal treatment of different groups of people or the uneven distribution of wealth within an society. 

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SOmeone harmed by violence or suffering any form of abuse. 

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Armed conflict between nations or groups of people. 

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