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Attitudes towards war

War is wrong becuase....

  • In the 6th commandment it says "thou shall not murder"
  • The proverbs state that God hates "hands that shed innocent blood"
  • Jesus was a pacifist
  • The message of Christ is "Peace and godwill to all men"; war goes against this
  • jesus taught that those who live by the sword will die by the sword"- suggesting war is not the right way to live.
  • Jesus taught "turn the other cheek"
  • Jesus taught "love your enemies"; you cant do this if you are at war with them
  • St Paul taught "overcome evil with good"- killing others at war is not "good"

War is correct becuase....

  • The old testiment teaches that "the lord is a warrior"
  • The "just war theory" suggests war is okay as long as certain terms are met:
    • If its started by proper authority i.e. government not an army
    • If it was started for a very good reason
    • If the result means the "greater good" will come of it.
    • If all forms of peaceful resolvment have been tried first
    • If no unneccesary forms of violence of force are used
    • If there is a reasonable chance of sucess

Holy War is when a religion goes to war to defend their beliefs; crusades

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