Religion peace and justice , Religion peace and equality

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War, Peace and Justice

Peace- Happiness/where there is no conflict or fighting

Justice- What is right and fair according to law

Consequences of war - good : remove and evil leader, gain land,save lives, gain freedom, gain power, creates jobs, resolves issues and pride

Consequences of war-bad: Mass deaths, puts us into debt, destroys lives,ruins land, creates issues, destroys homes, job loss, drains countries resources, Civilians feel uneasy, loss of friends and family and risk of attacks.

Pacifism- When someone is opposed to war or violence as a way of settling disputes.

Conscientious objectors- people who on religious, moral or ethical grounds refuse to fight in war.

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Just war theory

A theory by St Thomas Aquinas which laid out the Christian rules which could justify war.

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Proper Authority-must be decided by leader/ government

Just cause-Started for a good reason

Establish good- with the intention of doing good

Reasonable chance of success- Both countries should have an equal chance of winning

Last Resort- Must have tried other ways of solving the problem

Sufficient force- No WMD unfair killing

Controlled Violence-every effort must be made to avoid killing. Avoid killing civilians.

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Aims of punishment

Retribution- A way of making sure- mainly victims-  that people can see that the criminal has paid the price required for commiting the crime

Reformation- A chance for the criminal to reflect on what they have done wrong and improve their behaviour

Protection- A security measure to ensure people are protected from criminals who may want to harm them

Deterrence- Putting people off committing a crime because of fear of the consequences. Punishment is aimed at putting people off wanting to break the law.

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The catholic Church

In December 2004 Catholic churches asked for increased christian understanding to be put into practise in the prison system. They asked for:

Full working day to aquire a work ethic

More schemes to make hiring an ex-offender more attractive

Improved education in prison

More money for drugs treatment.

The catholic church teaches that criminals should be punished which will help change them and they should be able to vote. 

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The Church of england

The church of England belives offenders need to be prepared  to return to society once they have paid for their crimes. The church supports both vitctims and criminals and families of people in prison.

They do this through the prison CHAPLINS

It also encourages its members to pray for the criminals and the justice system.

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Elizabeth Fry

She was a Quaker and one of the first people to insist prisoners need to be treated humanely.

In 1813 she discovered 800 women and their children crammed in 2 wards and 2 cells.

Elizabeth provided the prisoners with school and a chapel and a prison supervision system.

She believed capital punishment was evil

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Capital punishment

Pro's- people are less likely to commit crimes such as murder, you will receive the same punishment as the one you committed, makes society safer, you must face consequences, you don't have to pay for them to be in jail and why should they have the right to change? Awful crimes deserve that punishment eg mass murder or killing children.

Con's-The people who are doing the killing are also murders, you may be wrongfully accused, inhumane, God will punish them, humans don't have the right , Revenge, they can't learn from their mistakes if they are dead, family watch family die, progress is flawed, some executions were slow and painful and people had to wait years in prison to be killed

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Oscar Romero

Was a Roman Catholic archbishop

He lived in El Salvador

He was a liberation theologist.

he critisized El Salvador's government . In 1980 he was celebrating mass when and armed man burst in and shot him dead,

Others were killed for following him

He tried to stand up for the poor

He spoke in his sermons about the rights of the poor

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Liberation Theology

A way of thinking that some Christians support which argues that Christians should unite with the poor and stand up to unjust government and abuse of human rights- Similar to protesters!

God can change something if it goes wrong in society.

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Life for life, eye for eye, tooth for toohth..

God did not send his son into the world to hurt the world

Do not judge or you will be judged

Whatever measure you deal out to others will be dealt back to you

Who kills man shall be killed themselves

you shall not murder

blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the sons of god

Do not suppose that i have come to bring peace on this earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword.

If someone slaps you on your right cheek, turn and offer him your left

Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

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