Revising conflict, personal responsibility, social responsibility, global concerns and the use of medical technology and right to life.

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Just War

Who's idea was it?
What churches find it acceptable?
What are the conditions?  
An example of a Just War. 

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A war that christian churches define as acceptable. The idea was delevoped by St Thomas Aquinas and the Roman Catholic Church. 

Conditions are; 
It must be the last resort.
There must be a serious threat.
There must be a good chance of winning.
Weapons must be used proportionally.
Don't kill more than necessarry.

The ultimate goal must be to restore peace.

E.g. Afghanistan.

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What is pacifism?
What is an example of a church that is a pacifist church?
Give an example of a famous pacifist.
Give a quotation that pacifists use.  
What are the three different types of pacifist views? 

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The belief that it is unacceptable to take part in a war or violent conflict of any type. Strongly against violence. 

The Quakers are a pacifist church, they believe in peaceful protest.

Martin Luther King and Gandhi are famous pacifists. 

'Turn the other cheek.' 
1) Violence allowed for personal defence not warfare. 
2) Neutrality refusing to get involved in military conflict. Some christians believe you should not lie down your life on behalf of the state - this constitutes idolatry.
3) Non violence - a rejection of all violence. The fellowship of reconciliation brings together all christian pacifists - an organisation of Christian non-violence.  

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The Quakers.

Who are the quakers?
What do they believe?
What and who do they worship? 

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Member of the society of friends. 

A tradition that does not have a minister.

A tradition that does not have a written statement of beliefs.

Read and worship the bible.  

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What is terrorism?
What do they not believe in?
Do any churches believe in terrorism? 

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Terrorists are a group of people that use violence, or a threat of violence to achieve their aims. 

They do not believe in the Democratic process.

The violence is often indiscriminate (not just specific people) to create maximum fear.

Terrorists often claim to worship the Qur'an, but they are not real Muslims if they believe in violence.  

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Nuclear War.

What is a nuclear war? 
What is nuclear proliferation?
What are the causes of war?
What are the effects of war? 

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A nuclear war is a war using nuclear weapons where its main aim is to destroy things. 

Nuclear proliferation is the growing use of nuclear weapons across the world. 

The causes of war;
The desire for more power and more territory.
Religious idealism.
Corrupt governments.
Discontent and Poverty.

The effects of war;
Disorder and helplessness.  

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Christian Responses

What are the Christian responses to war?
Bible quotes against war and violence.  

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Christians are strongly against war - they are mostly pacifists

'Those who live by the sword die by the sword.' 

'Turn the other cheek.'

The commandments teach; 
'Love your enemies.'
'Do not kill.'  

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