Ethics and Deviance


Doping + Drugs 1

Deviance - unacceptable behaviour within a culture that differs from social and legal norm

Blood doping - process of removing + re-inhecting blood to increase red blood count to increase haemoglobin + therefore O2 transport


  • anabolic steroids - allow athletes to train harder for longer to increase strength + agression
  • beta blockers - control HR + keep keep athletes calm
  • stimulants - increase alertness e.g. amphetamins

Legal supplements advantages + disadvantages:

  • + dietary supplements build muscle, increase stamina + control weight
  • + ergogenic aids increase strength, performance + recovery
  • + staying hydrated through water + energy drinks improves performance
  • - some supplements aren't as seen + could be contaminated or contain banned substances
  • - possible negative health impacts of creatine supplements
  • - high sugar content in energy drinks so obesity + tooth decay
  • - not in spirit of fair play
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Doping + Drugs 2

Reasons for doping:

  • pressure to succeed from coaches/politics e.g. Russia
  • high monetary rewards
  • if you can't beat them join them attitude

Consequences of taking drugs:

  • society seen as corrupt with win at all costs attitude
  • concept of fair play challenged
  • sports become tainted + struggle for sponsorship e.g. cycling
  • dangers to health + wellbeing

Strategies to stop use of doping:

  • WADA provides list of banned substances + funds research
  • testing carried out in + out of competition
  • drug education provided for athletes + coaches
  • creating culture of it being wrong
  • more rigerous punishment - WADA doubled ban in 2015
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Violence in Sport - Causes

Causes of violence:

  • overwhelming desire to win
  • physicality of sport e.g. rugby
  • frustration over escorts
  • alcohol or drugs
  • rivalries
  • media increasing tensions
  • perception of unfairness
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Violence in Sport - Implications + Prevention

Implications of violence in sport:

  • reflection of society - spectators relish violence in sport e.g. rugby
  • playing strategies encouraging violence should be punished
  • rule changes should be adopted to make violence less likely
  • performers should be aware they're role models + responsible for their actions

Strategies to prevent violence:

  • education of performers encouraging awareness of emotions + stress levels
  • punishments - fines bans + docking points
  • encouraging coaches to promote assertion instead of aggression
  • law enforcement for spectators (banning orders) using ponsorship methods e.g. CCTV
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