Ethical theories apply to modern dilemmas

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NML - modern dilemmas

Stems from Aquinas when existence of God was readily accepted 

NML came from view God was creator of all things - had a purpose for all and intigated universal moral laws

 Dilemmas could be solved by reference to operation of nature of the rods of the scriptures although less accepted today

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Deotology - modern dilemmas

Came from 18th C where although existence of God was taken as the norm, people slowly challenging traditional ideas

Begining of the scientific age when universal laws were being discovered

Moral duties seen as paramount - people looking for safety and security in rapidly changing universe - obedience to moral duties offered that security

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Virtue ethics - modern dilemmas

Came from Greek philosopgy - have the time and peaceful situation in which to contemplate morality

Religion was collection of haphazard deities and ideas and to was a world ruled by men, who emphasised masculine qualities and virtues 

Developing virtues was way to ethically virtuous life 

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Applying theories today

Today in a different world - existence of God not as widely accepted, people are challenged by many different religious, ethical and philosophical ideas and science has challenged many previsouly had views

Lack the feeling of certaintly that Aquinas, Aristotle and Kant had

However, still use these ethical theories 

We use them in issues of abortion, war and peace, marriage and divorce and in the everyday application of law 

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