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Ethan Frome - Character Study

He is simple, straightfoward and responsible

Began college hoping to become an engineer but was interrupted by the death of his father and the need to look after his sick mother

He then married Zeena who cared for his mother out of duty and fear of lonesomeness

He wanted to move away out of starkfield but zeena stopped him on purpose by feigning illness and demanding expensive medicines

He feels a sense of a kindred spirit around mattie silver as they share the same interests and experiences

Around her he feels masculine, as he is authoritative, important and needed, and example of this is his commandment of the situation when the pickle dish breaks

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Although there are no physical relations between ethan and his true love mattie he has very deep feelings for her

Ethan grows to have massive antipathy for zeena for her manipluation of his life and her role in getting rid of mattie

Ethan sees suicide as the best way out of his lonely and isolated existence with mattie the person who he loves

He failed to do so and lived out his days as a prisoner of circumstance 

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He is simple...


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