Establishing the regime

Mussolini's establishment of the Fascist regime 1922-1929


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  • July 1924: press censorship.
  • 1924: expansion of radio, became state controlled.
  • 1926: opposition newspapers supressed.
  • 1926: Fascist Culture Institute.
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Action Against Opposition

  • Judges sacked for not being Fascist enough.
  • June 1924: Matteotti murdered.
  • December 1925: Trade Unions and opposition parties banned.
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New Support

  • Army officers felt being pro-fascist would give them a better chance of a promotion.
  • 1929: Lateran agreements signed with the church.
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Increased power over King and Parliament

  • October 1922: Mussolini appointed P.M. in coalition.
  • July 1923: Acerbo Law passed: winning party given 2/3 of seats.
  • April 1924: 1st General Election under Acerbo law: Fascists won a majority.
  • January 1926: Right to make laws without parliamentary approval: King deterred from being involved in Parliament.
  • 1926: no debating, amending of legislation or criticism of the government.
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Control over the Fascist party

  • December 1922: Grand Council of Fascism.
  • 1923: Fascist squads converted to National militia. Local parties given less activity. Must obey leader and stop internal argument.
  • 1928: disloyal Fascists purged.
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