Essay Writing


Structure (4 marks)


  • Wider Context - Give background info and explain the question.
  • Factors - Indicate the relevant factors that are going to be discussed for the question.
  • Argument - State your argument by saying the most important factor.


  • Answer it - Should be focused on the question and should not just be a narrative of the story.


  • Summary - Summarise the argument.
  • Balance - Have balance by showing different views.
  • Conclude - Come to an overall judgement that directly answers the question
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Argument (10 marks)

The marks are given for the way you present your evidence for your argument.

Do not just tell the story.

Make sure you say that X happened because of Y.

Then use the evidence to say why Y is important in the result of X.

Agument should be:

  • Focused directly on the question.
  • Supported by evidence.
  • Constant and balanced throughout the essay.
  • Aware of alternative interpretations (historians views).
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Knowledge (6 marks)

The marks available for knowledge are for evidence presented that is relevant and accurate.

Given for points of evidence and points which are developed further.

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