Act 1

"Well, don't do any we'll drink their health and have done with it"

"And as you were saying Dad, a man has to look after himself".

"He could of kept her on rather than throwing her out"

Act 3

"I was a bit squiffy"

"Because you're not the kind of father a chap could go to when he's in trouble-that's why"

"So I insisted on giving her enough money to keep her going"

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The Inspector

Act 1

"I'm on duty"

"One person and one line of enquiry at a time"

"Chain of events"

Act 2

"Massively taking charge"

"We'll have to share our guilt"

"We of ten do on the young ones. They're more impressionable".

Act 3

"There are millions and millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths"

"Fire and blood and anguish"

"Members of one body"

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Mr Birling

Act 1

"Working together for lower costs and higher prices"

"Unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable"

"As if we're all mixed up together like bees in a hive-community and all that nonsense"

Act 2

"Now look here, Inspector"

"I am a public man"

"Be quiet, Shiela"

Act 3

"I've got to cover this up as soon as I can"

"There'll be a public scandal"

"Probably a socialist or some sort of crank"

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Mrs Birling

Act 1

"When you're married you'll realise that men with important work to do sometimes have to spend nearly all their time and energy on their business"

"I think Shiela and I better go into the drawing room and leave you"

Act 2

"Girls of that class-"

"My husband was lord mayor"

"You're a member-a prominent member of the Brumley womens charity"

Act 3

"Don't be childish Sheila"

"I think not Eric I am absolutely ashamed of you"

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Act 1

"Oh it's wonderful! Look-mummy-isn't it a beauty"

"Oh how horrible! Was it an accident?"

"But these girls aren't cheap labour-they're people"

Act 2

"It's simply my fault"

"Sheila gives a short hysterical laugh"

"You and I aren't the same people who satdown to dinner here"

Act 3

"But was he really a police inspector"

"The point is you don't seem to have learnt anything"

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