Equality (Christianity)

These cards will help to revise equality within christianity

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If someone says he loves God but hates his brother then he is a liar

Do not judge others so that god will not judge you

God does not show favouritism but accepts ment from every nation who fear him and do what is right.

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Racism is when someone is treated unfairly or unequally because of their skin colour, their religion or their ethnic background.

We are all made from one man ( Adam ) and put on different parts of the earth to look after it

No matter who you are, jesus loves us all.


Work with black and ethnic people because people felt that white people were favoured in church. They try to make everyone feel equal by ranging the responsibilities within a church.

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Sexual Discrimination is when someone is treated unfairly because of their gender.

Christianity and women:

Catholic chuch does not ordain women but liberal/ conservatives do however this is part of an ongoing debate.

For ordination of women: Deciples were men because women had no status, Jesus' ressurection was first witnessed by a woman + Teachings page

Against the ordination of women: Adam came before Eve, God made man to look after the earth (and people) Adam had dominion first, men naturally lead , Eve sinned first , women are not permitted to teach men. + Teachings page

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In/exclusivists etc

Inclusivist- Believe anyone can get to heaven as long as they are a good person

Exclusivist- Believe only people of their religion can get to heaven and all other religions are incorrect

Exclusivist evidence- Jesus was sacrificed for nothing if other religions lead to God, +teachings page.

Inclusivist evidence- The parable of the sheep and the goats, anyone who truely tries to follow God is on the right path, Religious upbringing influences which religion you are , God is omni-benevolent.

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Attitudes towards other religions

Evanglical- An evanglical is someone who travels around the world preaching about christianity and trying to get people to convert to it as they believe it is the only way to heaven.

Missionary- Someone who travels the world, teaching to people about christianity

Ecumenical movement- Took place in france and means that all different branches of christians are to unite together as they all share the same general belief- God.

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Really helpful thanks. Have you got where they are from in the bible?

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