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1.Could be murder or exile but probs murder. murderous society. untrusting and threatened poisition on throne 

2. The chances were that they were illegitimate on the claim that Edward IV was already bethrothed however that marriage was never finalised but the claim that Woodville was a witch was wrong.

3.He wasnt because he showed honest signs of loyalty at the start of his reign. He swore oaths of loyalty to both the princes and the Edward IV, and was loyal to his older brother. power turned him into what he was at his death.

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4.It is crazy to think that at that time it was possible but by Richard making them illegitimate and then crowning himself as King easily pushed them straight from the public view.

5. Another boundary to cross before gain accession.

6. The fact that they are children adds another degree to the matter, also the recent reburial and findings of Richard III brought the debate back into light.

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