Epilogue of Dr. Faustus

General overview of the epilogue of Dr. Faustus

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Epilogue of Dr. Faustus.

Likening Faustus to a branch of the tree, the Chorus sees him as ruined throughout being cut and burned - words which still carry the viloence which closed the previous scene, Faustus, like the tree might have grown well and fulfilled his best nature as a human being, had he not been cut, a technique which can be used to make trees grown crookedly or sideways. The image of the laurel bough reminds us of his great achievements as a scholar before he went to necromency.

Our role is to observe these hellish doings and not to attempt to copy them.

The short speech could be seen as an elegy - the nearest he will get to a funeral speech. The tone is one of detachment and almost of smug superiority.

The chorus' use of old fashioned alliteration and the neat final couplet provides closure.

Faustus is gone. Regard his hellish fall.

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