Enzyme Notes

Just some brief notes on the topic of enzymes so far.

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  • The rate of the reaction increases with the increase in temperature.
  • Reactions take place faster when it is warmer.
  • At high temperatures molecules move faster, so collide with each other more often.
  • If temperatures are too hot, the enzymes stop working.
    This is because the active site changes shape and enzymes become denatured.

(The above are key points that are useful to know, when understanding this topic)

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More Notes

Optimum Temperature
This is when the reation taking place works as fast as possible.

If you were to look at a graph, showing an experiment, comparing the rate of reaction against the temperature it would begin with possitive correlation. The Line would go straight up as the rate of reaction increases and so does thetemperature. There will then be a peek of optimum temperature, and this will be the highest point. But after this point the curved line will suddenly drop as the enzyme is denatured, because it has stoped working.

(A graph explaining this, can be seen in the AQA text and revision books, under "factors affecting enzyme action")

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