conditions for life on earth 

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Why waters essential:

  • Physiological Solvent
  • Transport of water
  • Temperature control
  • Anomolous expansion on freezing
  • High specific heat capacity
  • Provision of aqauatic habitats


  • Most areas upon earth are over 0 degrees C which means it can support liquid water .
  • Enzymes need water as a solvent as at higher tempratures they can denature.
  • Some organisms can survive tempretures higher than this an example of these are thermophilic bacteria.
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Suitable ambient gases:

  • Carbon Dioxide (Photosynthesis and climate control)
  • Nitrogen (Protein synthesis)
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Light and radiation from the sun:


  • Sunlight-Energy for photosynthesis
  • Heat production when absorbed-The source of energy for the water cycle and climate.
  • UV and Ionising radiation.
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This can be caused by the earth itself or its posi

  • Distance from Sun
  • Daily Rotation
  • Tiltled Axis
  • Molten layers beneath the crust
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