Environmental problems

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Burning fuels

Power stations burn fossil fuels to make electricity.

when fossil fuels are burned carbon dioxide and water vapour are released into the atmosphere

hydrocarbon + oxygen ----> carbon dioxide + water vapour

sulphur dioxide is sometimes released

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Sulphur dioxide

Sulphur dioxide produces acid rain when it mixes with the clouds to form dilute sulphuric acid it then falls as acid rain.

sulphur dioxide causes eutrophication and erodes limestone.

sulphur can be removed from fuels before they are burned but it is expensive and takes a lot of energy and releases Carbon dioxide

acid rain prevented by acid gas scrubbers in power stations, catalytic converters in cars and also by burning less fossil fuels

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Carbon dioxide is a green house gas. Gases like carbon dioxide trap an insulating layer which traps the heat radiation fromthe sun from getting back out of earth.

Human activity affects Carbon dioxide levels.

Earth is heating up there is a correlation between the and the Carbon dioxide levels

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Its the humans fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Human activity is increasing Carbon dioxide levels.

Deforestation trees remove CO2 from the atmosphere so less carbon dioxide.

Buring fossil fuels releases lock up carbon into the atmosphere

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iron seeding

iron is an element neeeded for photosynthesis. injecting iron into the upper ocean promtoes growth of phytoplankton which absorb carbon dioxide fom the atmosphere.

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scientists are looking into converting carbon dioxide into hydrocarbons. different methods are being tested most use high presure, high temperature. this would make a dent in the excess of Carbon Dioxide

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