Environmental Issues of a sustainable city

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The importance of conserving the environment

Historic features

We need to conserve historic features of the environment because:

  • it allows future generations to see what the past was like
  • it allows the future generations to see how we lived in our lifetime.

Natural environment

We need to conserve the natural environment because:

  • less resources would be used, which means that there are more resources for the future generations.
  • it would create a cleaner atmosphere, which means that there is less pollution happening.
  • nowadays when a tree is cut down, other trees are planted to replace them, this will help the environment because it is one of the aspects that might help stop climate change in the future.
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Brownfield sites

  • Disused and derelict plots of land are used for buildings.
  • Stops the city growing in size at the expense of the surrounding countryside.
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Open Spaces

  • "Green spaces" act like "Green lungs" which reduces the impact on the environment.
  • Recycling carbon reduces pollution.
  • They provide a range of recreational opportunities.
  • There is a wide variety of wildlife.
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Conserving the environment

  • Old industrial buildings can be turned into apartments.
  • Rundown old houses can be redeveloped to provide housing in the future.
  • Using more electricity generated renewably by:
    • Solar power
    • Wind power
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