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  • his theory was ecoiogical systems
  • he believed that the enviroment and a childs experiences was very improtant, this can affect the childs devleopment.
  • he had 5 systems for this;
  • Mictosystem- immediate family and home enviorment. Essential to what a child learns
  • Mesosystem- experiences beyond the immediate home, E.G school, visting other family
  •  Ecosystem-parents work place, if a parent was to lose their job this would impact their home life even they are not directly linked to the setting
  • Macrosystem- cultural and economic sutiation of the community they live in E.G goverment cuts in health and education
  • Chronosystem-this is the 'history' in society and the childs life. how things  old or new may impact the childs life
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