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  • computer technology - individual designers access leading industry design tools
  • communications technology - remote working so small teams can be formed across the globe
  • social media - access to vast audiences on minimal marketing budgets
  • enterprise - an idea is cultivated into a business proposal that has commercial viability as a product
  • start-up businesses - usually one that has come up with an idea that has the pontential to grow into a profit-making business
  • app design and development - computer software has made the development of apps more accessable, more people are able to see their ideas come to life
  • patent - legal process of proving that you are the first person to have registered an idea or invention
  • a patent prevents others from using your idea or design without applying for permission or paying a fee for the right to use it
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  • enables organisations to raise investment from people who believe their idea
  • usually an internet-based way to gain small contributions from many investors
  • www.kickstarter.com - a crowdfunding site for design and technology based ideas
  • PODpoint - electric vehicle charging solutions
  • launched crowdfunding campaign as they had no money
  • they raised over £1.8 million from 618 people
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Virtual marketing and retail

  • websites, social media, email, digital marketing are used to craete a wider audience in order to promote a product, service or idea
  • social media - very popular to launch products, Facebook and Youtube promote business and enterprise ideas
  • LinkedIn - business-minded people can share ideas and services
  • blogs and vlogs - appeal new audiences, small fortunes by enterprising people who have a large online following
  • search engine optimisation - try to make their websites appear on the first page of search results for as many relevant key word requests as possible
  • paid for adverts which appear beside search results
  • GoPro - customers share videos using GoPro, instant connection with viewers and it promotes the brand very quickly
  • VR - will play an increasing role in online retail - use to try clothes on at home, not enough technology yet
  • factories use VR to help train people to do a new job
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  • organisation or business that are owned and run by its members
  • members also share profits
  • examples are often local, can be national businesses
  • more people want to work in these shops as they get bigger bonuses
  • motivates you to work harder, in which you get a bonus
  • encourage customers to buy more, and they will buy more
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  • better prices, decent working conditions for farmers and fair terms of trade in LEDCs
  • farmers recieve a Fairtrade Premium to invest in their communities
  • standards include protection of worker's rights and environment and payment of Fairtrade Minimum Price
  • 1.65 million farmers and workers in 74 countries benefit from Fairtrade
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