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writing to argue

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Writing to argue

  • This is where you need to balance both sides of an argument and then give your own opinion. It is important that you acknowledge the opposing argument and then try to counter argue with your point of view.
  • Start with a statement that you may not agree with. E.g. some people believe that ........ however, I believe.......
  • Use useful linking phrases like 'However', 'Therefore', 'Nevertheless' 
  • Assert your own opinion, 'I believe that....'
  • Use the media texts to help you. you can quote from these to give you extra marks. 
  • Use facts and figures to back up your point. (If you dont know any then make them up)
  • Use rhetorical questions.
  • Use emotive language.(designed to make the reader reach a particular conclusion or feel a particular emotion)
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