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What different words mean

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Tactile Language: describe how something feels to touch

Free verse: No structure, means that the poem can have its own shape and rhythm

Alliteration: The use of the same letter (consonant) that are near each other that sound the same like kitchen and code

Onomatopeia: Using words to make them sound like something, Clash, bang sound like if you clash or bang something

Assonance: The repition of vowels near each other, A,E,I,O,U

Metaphor: Takes two things and claims they are the same

Ambiguity: quality of having more than one meaning

Rhyme: is the repetition of the end-sounds of words


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Caesura; A pause(fullstop) in the middle of a sentance or it could be marked by this II

Synatic parallelism: Repetition

Simile: A simile is a comparison that claims the things being compared are similar, rather than the metaphor's claim that the two things are the same.

Dramatic Monologue: One person extends thoughts and feelings about something

Anthropomorphism: to refer to any attribution of human characteristics


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