English UNIT 2- Prepared Speech

Prepared speech features.

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Persuasive Speaking and Rhetoric


The technique of using language persuasively in order to influence the opinions and behaviour of an audience.

Concerned with how a speech is structured, the devices that can be used to affect the audience through comparsions or contrasts, methods of emphasising points and ways of addressing the audience

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A pattern of three repeated words or phrases, can be particualr memorable.

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Contrasting words or phrases to a create a sense of balance or opposition between conflicting ideas.

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Repetition and Replacement

A pattern in which some words or phrases or repeated and others replaced Used to reinforce and develop points in persuasive speeches. e.g:

"We must plan for a strong economy, we must plan for full empluyment, we must plan for a healty nation"

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A word or phrase that is opposite in meaning o another, e.g "hot and cold", "fat and thin"

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Where apparently contradictionary terms are placed together

e.g: Bitter sweet

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