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My life has consisted of a lot of ups and downs and has had many difficult stages that have changed my life significantly.

I had a wonderful husband in my life called Louis and two sons called Harvey and Harry.

Louis and I both used to have well paid jobs, unfortunately our jobs involved travelling to different countries.

This meant we didn't see each other a lot of the time which was sad but we still called each other every night no matter what.

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Twin Towers

In September 2001 my huband went on a business trip to New York.

It was a long flight but as always I was sitting by the phone waiting for him to call saying he had landed safely.

Several hours after his plane should have landed I finally had a phonecall, I remember picking up the phone and hearing a mans voice but it wasn't my husband  it was my brother, I can recall his voice being really shaky as if he was hiding something.

He began to tell me that two planes flying to New York had been purposely crashed into the twin towers.

My heart sunk, I felt like my body was just shutting down. But how was I to know that it was his flight, I just couldn't help but think the worst.

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Twin Towers 2

 My brother came over straight away and told me I should rest.

The next day everything was a blur.

I woke up to my brother sitting at the end of the bed and i could see that he was ready to tell me some bad news.

I prepared myself for the worse. He told me that it was my husbands flight that had the awful accident and sadly there were no survivors.

I felt like I died inside my whole world had just turned upside down.

 I knew i had to stay strong for my sons so i put on a brave face and broke the terrible news to them.

 I thought my life couldn't get any worse I had lost my best friend and my soulmate.

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London Bombings

However I still had my 2 sons who i adore so much and words cannot explain how important they are to me.

But things we about to get worse, in 2005 my eldest Harvey was on his way to work as a succesful business man in London and he got caught up in the London bombings and was horrifically injured.

The images are still in my head of the day i visited him in hospital.

His injuries were severe. I can still hear the nurse saying to me: "Your son is not going to survive the next 24 hours". 

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London Bombings 2

And sadly he died the next day,however  I know that Harvey made the most of his life and had a good education, he is the person in life that my other son and I are inspired by. He was so brave; he never complained that he was in pain. 

We were still trying to get over the death of Louis and when this happened our lives just didn't seem worth living. It felt like we were cursed. 

Although we believe that everything happens for a reason, it is hard to think this when two innocent people who you love so much are taken away from you

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Royal Wedding

Although these events are very close to our hearts we have to put them to one side because Louis and Harvey would want us to be happy and live life to the full.

There have been many events that have changed people for good and made everyone come together and unite.

One of the most recent moving events was the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate

.This will always stick out in my mind because it brought people closer, including my neighbourhood.

The street I lived on had arranged a street party to celebrate the wedding

.Everyone brought food and drink and there was not one person who did not have a smile on their face. 

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Royal Wedding 2

As a neighbourhood we have not always seen eye to eye however on this day it was put behind us and we learnt to build bridges between us which made friendships grown.

We realised that in the end life was too short to hold grudges because you never know what is around the corner.


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